• lyrical, character-driven fiction with a gritty edge

    -Sarah Hunter, Booklist.




    How We Learned to Lie

    Harper, 2018


    "Miller's tale offers a stunning portrayal of platonic love, the forces that push people apart and the pains of growing out into the world. The plot unravels slowly, woven in beautiful prose."

    - Kirkus Reviews


    "Miller's vivd, haunting writing is filled with prose gems."

    - Publisher's Weekly

    "the leisurely pace and lyrical prose of this poignant literary novel invite readers to drift in the wake of the losses Joan and Daisy are just realizing . . . intimately recognizable on a profound level by sensitive readers"
    - Karen Coats, BCCB



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    Little Wrecks

    Harper, 2017


    This coming-of-age tale is crafted in a New American Gothic style that is impeccable in its execution. The reader is thrust into the inner worlds of breathless anticipation, giddy reeling, blurred reality, drawn-out ennui, and unstaunchable rages with which teens are blessed and afflicted.. . . any reader interested in the inner world of girls on the brink of womanhood in a man’s world will be spellbound.

    - Liz Sundermann, VOYA


    a buildup reminiscent of Joyce Carol Oates' Foxfire

    - Ilana Lucas, Brit.co


    Darkly thought-provoking reflections on modern gender politics.

    - Kirkus Reviews

  • my life




    I grew up on Long Island in the 1970s and 80s. So that was weird.

    I worked in advertising photography in the city until one day an art director subjected me to a diatribe about how mink teddy bears were unethical. The thing is, the art director was wearing alligator shoes at the time. It seemed like a good moment to leave New York.

    I went to live on the beach in Oregon for a little while, and then to New Orleans for a longer while. I lived around England for a while and now I live in Wales. One time, a santero told me if I missed my chance to make a decision about where I wanted to live I would wind up wandering the world for the rest of my life. That turned out to be true.

    I've done a few degrees in English Literature and published some academic books. I've been an angry performance poet and learned to swallow fire. I've done itinerant farm work and been a cleaner in a leather bar.

    I raised a clever and beautiful child, too. That whole time I've been writing, first poetry and then fiction. Like everyone else who writes novels, I wrote a really bad one first and put it away in a drawer.

    Then I wrote Little Wrecks, a novel inspired by growing up on Long Island, and people liked it. So the moral of that story is, just because it’s weird doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

  • The Blog

    So what'll happen here is that I'll end up adding a load of disparate and disconnected things, and the whole together will be uncategorizable and confuse people. I'll try to do that as often as possible.

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